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30 Inch Round Table available in 2 heights (standard & cocktail)

$7.99 each

Ask about our linens to fit these tables.

round table rental, tables for rent

48 Inch Round Table

Seats 6-8 guest and generally used for cake table

$7.99 each

tables for rent, wedding table rental

60 Inch Round Table

Seats 8-10 guest.

$7.99 each

kid table rental, kid party rental

2'x4' Kid Table

$6.00 each

*note: 2 shown*

food table rental, wedding table rental

6 Foot Banquet Table

seats 6-8 guest and used for buffet style food service

$7.99 each

8 Foot Farm Table

seats 8-10 guest


8 Foot Farm Table Bench

$14.95 each

Black Folding Chair

$0.99 each

white wedding chair rental, white folding chair rental

White Folding Chair

$1.49 each

white wood chair rental, white resin chair rental, white wedding chair

White Resin Chair

$2.69 each

kid party chair rental, birthday rental

Lady Bug Kid Chair

$1.00 each

kid wedding chair, kid wood chair rental

White Folding Kid Chair

$1.25 each

kid table rental, birthday party rental

White Wood Kid Chair

$1.50 each